Sculpture Garden

The Art on the Green sculpture garden is an oasis in downtown Wichita Falls, adding year-round art to the beautiful grounds of the Kemp Center for the Arts.

Art on the Green sculpture garden, established in memory of Minnie Rae Wood, contains eight permanent sculptures and ten sculptures that are “invited” to spend a year on our grounds. Changed out each May under the skillful hand of Joe Ed Barrington of Throckmorton, Texas, the invitational sculpture exhibit brings renewed vitality and interest to our grounds, and the opportunity for our community to enjoy sculpture from a wide variety of artists and cultures.

The 2013/2014 exhibit was curated by Suguru Hiraide, of Nanjo, Japan/Wichita Falls, Texas. Hiraide is the Metals professor at Midwestern State University since 2003 .  During his career he has been a member of International Sculpture Center since 1999 and Sculpture Network of Texas since 2004. In 2012 he was elected president of the Sculpture Network of Texas and will serve as host for the 2013 Texas Sculpture Symposium to be held at Midwestern State University and the Kemp Center for the Arts.  His most recent and upcoming exhibitions include solo exhibit at Sakuragi Fine Arts in Tokyo, Japan.

Art on the Green sculpture garden is free and open to the public during normal Kemp Center hours:
Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm and on Saturday, 10am – 4pm.

2013/2014 sculpture garden includes:

 Zebra: The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful Emerge from the Rubble of the Century. by Abraham Mohler

  Sun Gazer by Brian Wedgworth

 Untitled Triangles by Casey Cooper

 The innate and acquired character of place by Cozette Phillips

 Large Tractor Keel by Kurt Dyrhaug

 Kings Hill Country by Phil Simpson

Touch the Ground by Sachiko Miki

2012/2013 sculpture garden includes:

Geomorphic Sliced Spheres by Jack Craft

Arbeit Macht Frei by Patrick Kelly

Moon by Hiroko Kubo

Faridat by Erin Elizabeth Curtis and Scott Proctor

Referee by Ted Larsen

Historical Conciousness by Shelby David Meier

Impact by Chris Sauter

TP by Jason Villegas

Irwin’s Dash WFMR #2 by M


Permanent sculptures on the grounds include:

Agave De Carona by Jim La Paso - Gifted by Al Guinn

Chinese Princess - Gifted by R.J. Moran

Claude by Kim Ward – Underwritten by Senator Craig Estes – Gifted by Bryant Edwards Foundation

The Dying Gaul (replica) – Gifted by Kathrine and Bill McGregor

The Flamenco Dancers - by Kendall Hancock – New to our garden spring of 2010!

The Road Runner by Donald Blankenship – Gifted by Donald Blankenship

Spring Dancer by Jerry Daniels – Purchased and gifted by Sculpture Garden Committee

Vision of the Future by Garland Weeks - Gifted by Al Guin

Untitled by Pierre Stine – Gifted by Pamela Moller

Wild Turkeys by Walter Matia – Gifted by Jane Spears



Next year’s sculpture garden will be changed and opened on May 18, 2013